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Schmid and I were jogging through a park in Munich when we recalled the history of Lange's brand, while also discussing the origins behind its association with the Concorso d'Eleganza. He replied with a laugh: "Well my predecessor decided that the Salzburg Music Festival was the best way to reach new audiences that would better reflect the Lange brand." I laughed as I responded: "I understand what you are saying Wilhelm, honestly the thought of attending the Salzburg Music Festival makes me dreadful." I would rather hit myself with a ball-peenhammer than listen to the operatic rarities and the symphonies it replica watches

It turns out that Schmid was also chosen for his association with the Concorso because of his incredible knowledge and passion for vintage cars. He brought along his classic AC Bristol, but he's also a very capable driver. I get it. Lange is all about substance. It's all about innovation. Concorso is the only beauty contest in the automobile world that combines these values better. The assembled guests provided the perfect audience to convey the extraordinary authenticity of Lange.

My only concern was the group of guys that would be driving. Anyone who has even the slightest idea of social anthropology, or read Lord of the Flies knows that on a 3-day drive through remote mountain passes the guy who starts off as a little irritating will end up in some remote grave at high altitude. Or thrown out of the car door and down the aravine. It's just the way group dynamics work.Vacheron Constantin Replica It could even be me, buried face down if something went wrong.

I was surprised to learn who my fellow participants were at the welcome dinner on the night prior to the drive. The group was composed of Alexander Kraft, president of Sotheby’s Realty France and the sartorial star who often appeared in my other magazine The Rake. Johann “Philip” Rathgen is the editor of Classic Driver, a judge at the Concorso and Andrew Hildreth, formerly the moderator for the Richard Mille Forum at Their company was so fantastic that the experience of driving along with them in the end may have restored my faith in mankind.