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He achieved something truly amazing, unleashing a cannon of the most ethereal and ethereal of horoloigical wonders. This was done by tapping into the watchmaking geniuses who had worked in silence at the GUB collective under communist rule. He realised that unlike Switzerland, mechanical watchmaking had not been affected by quartz watches in East Germany. The knowledge and savoir-faire for everything mechanical was still in the hands and minds of the tireless workers.

Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches, prepares the AC Bristol for a trip

He launched the Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches soon after, a watch that featured a distinctively asymmetrical dial and was inspired by the five minute clock in Dresden's Opera House. The watch proudly displayed its double-barrelled nature with the words "dopplefederhaus". In light-hearted collector circles, this led to a comparison between Heidi Klum's gravity-defying d├ęcolletage and the watch. The untreated German Silver (replica watches), the hand-engraved balance-cock, the black-polished swan-neck regulator, and the chatons, which are gold sleeves with jewels, defined a new horological vocabulary that had never been seen before. It was mesmerising.

Next came the Datograph, the child of watchmaking demigoddess Annegret Fleischer, the world's first "in-house" laterally-coupled, column-wheel operatedchronograph movement featuring a grande date as well as a precisejumping-minute counter at atimewhen Patek and Vacheron were content to rely on a 1940s-era Lemania movement. Let me put it this way: Anyone who loves truth, authenticity, and originality will love Lange.

The contrast between the calm, resigned simplicity of the dial and the seductive depths of the movement is particularly moving. At a time when most brands were still fumbling in high-complication darkness, Lange launched Blumlein's masterpiece: thetourbillon with chain-and-fusee, afirst in wristwatches andunderstatedlynamedthe PourLeMerite.

Philippe Dufour was so moved by the Lange Datograph, that he reached into his pocket and bought one. He is considered the greatest living master in watchmaking finishing. Philippe Dufour also created the first grande & petit sonnerie wristwatch. He was so impressed by his watch that he said, "The hands of the women in Germany (Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica) they are touched by genius."